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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Book Review on Social Marketing for Authors

Because I believe so strongly in social marketing as a tool in an author's box for great promotion, I am sending my fellow MWSA members this review I just wrote. I hope you'll all consider it.

Successful Social MarketingBy Dana Lynn Smith
Contact Reviewer:
Publisher's Site: Understanding Frugal and Effective Social Marketing

Veteran Marketer and Author Benefits Promotion-Minded Authors

Reviewed by Carolyn Howard-Johnson, award-winning author of This Is the Place and Harkening: A Collection of Stories Remembered, Tracings, a chapbook of poetry, and the author of the HowToDoItFrugally Series of books for writers

There is not much to say about Successful Social Marketing by Dana Lynn Smith that can't be said in one sentence. This book is basic and clear enough for writers just beginning to use social marketing as a marketing tool but complete enough that even veteran marketers will find new applications and new marketing ideas within its pages.

OK. Let's add a few more sentences--out of enthusiasm. This book is absolutely amazing. It is organized and even includes calls to action at the end of each major section. I would have wished for a real in-the-hand book because that's the way I am, but with something as explosive as social marketing, an e-book is perfect. Smith will find it easy to keep it fresh for you with new online developments and links. I'll be recommending it to those taking my marketing classes at UCLA for sure.

If you've been saying "I don't 'get' Twitter (or Facebook or any of the others including some you've never heard of)," this is the book for you.

PS: I printed my e-book copy out and have carried with me for two weeks, reading, underlining and nodding. "Oh, yeah!"

Carolyn Howard-Johnson’s first novel, This Is the Place, has won eight awards. Her book of creative nonfiction Harkening, won three. A UCLA Writers' Program instructor, she is also the author of another book essential for writers, USA Book News' Best Professional Book of 2004, The Frugal Book Promoter: How To Do What Your Publisher Won't. The second in her HowToDoItFrugally series is The Frugal Editor: Put Your Best Book Forward to Avoid Humiliation and Ensure Success also a USA Book News pick and winner of Reader Views Literary Award and the New Generation Award for Marketing. Learn more at

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The True (?) Story of Taps, Memories, and My Uncle Bob

I just posted a story MWSA members may want to see. The author believes it to be the true story of Taps. That one some of you may have seen floating around the Web. I added the story of my uncle, a WWII bomber pilot veteran, who died recently. Sort of a mini memorial.

I also added a new followers feature where you can follow this blog and have your little avatar appear at the top of the blog--front and center.

So, please come by. I consider it sort of a sister blog to this one. (-:


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