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Saturday, April 12, 2008

From MWSA member Vic Mills

Hi Joyce; Nice notice -- thanks! A few years ago I authored my first novel SNAFU and self published it. Barnes and Noble, Hastings Books and took on the book for several months, and held several book talks. Jeff Edwards penned two very nice reviews.

I've run into a few pitfalls that perhaps others have experienced as well.
1.) Most of the major book retailers will not take on a self published work, as there are so many offerings and they prefer well known publishers. Hastings Books are a large company and are among the few that do embrace us independents.
2.) One thing missing here in the Pacific Northwest are competent editors.
3.) A biggie for me is trying to get my book into the national organization, "The Military Book Club," who to contact.

Like others, I spent a lot of money getting my book on the market, only to discover, the market is closed to us.

That's all. Let me know if there are any talks planned for my area.

Best wishes,

Vic Mills

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