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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Claudia Pemberton -- “Love Leaves No One Behind”

SENSUOUS-SATIONAL!!! One word for Claudia Pemberton’s novel, “Love Leaves No One Behind”

Not normally a reader of love stories, Claudia Pemberton hooked me in this heavyweight romance. Traveler Mikayla and Army Ranger Jesse cross paths on a dark, deserted road, where fear and suspicion blunt any chance of a connection. Soon, safe passage allows a casual breakfast together. They intuitively feel that magnetic attraction we all yearn to find – before original plans take them in separate directions. Their developing relationship is held together by a thread through time and distance. Passionate sparks fly when they occasionally visit - but they wait to be completely intimate for respectful reasons and somehow control what they mutually desire to share. With Mikayla in the grip of a serial killer, Jesse saves the day in true John Wayne fashion. I thank Pemberton for using her research - she reveals Jesse’s Army Ranger character in an accurate way. Mikayla and Jesse are FINALLY able to love without apprehension before the cover closes … it’s a great finish! This wasn’t a cheesy romance novel. Reading it will refresh anyone who believes in love. I truly recommend it – especially if you aren’t inclined to try one like this on for size.

Hodge Wood
Author, Chum Water

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