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Monday, December 7, 2009

one of our members, Michael Mullins, contributed a poem to help me commemorate Dec. 7on my blog at He is the author of Vietnam in Verse, poetry for beer drinkers. "ViV" won the Gold Medal for poetry from Military Writers Society of America in 2007. I hope MWSA members will go leave a comment--perhaps some encouragement--for their fellow writer.

Mike's book is available on line from on-line Amazon, B&N, and B-a-M book stores and as an audio-book from the author. Please contact him at this e-mail address; or via land mail at POB 456 Windfall, In. 46076.
Vietnam Veteran, Delta 3/7, 199th Light Infantry, '68-'69.
He is also Vice President of the MWSA. One dollar from either version goes to the Wounded Warrior Project.

If your fellow writers or fellow soldiers or vets would benefit from this post, please use this little green widget to pass the news to your followers at Twitter:

Carolyn Howard-Johnson wrote the foreword for Eric Dinyer's book of patriotic quotations, Support Our Troops, published by Andrews McMeel. Part of the proceeds for the book benefit Fisher House. Her chapbook of poetry won the Military Writers Society of America's award of excellence. Find it at Her novel, collection of creative nonfiction and much of her poetry is informed by interest in leading the world toward acceptance of one another. Find her web page dedicated to tolerance at If your Twitter followers would be interested, please pass this on to them using this widget:

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