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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Promotion Op Plus Military-Themed Books for Your Perusal

Authors' Coalition offers their members a slide show each year in association with Red Engine Press which features many military titles and military authors. Many MWSA authors are featured on this Authors' Coalition slide show and those of you aren't in it can see some of the things AC is doing and possibly still want to post the slide show on your blogs, website, social networking sites, etc.

You will also find some valuable writing-oriented books featured on it.

This particular Authors' Coalition benefit works very best for those who speak or teach and can, therefore, run this slide show on a computer or project it on a screen at those events. It is cross-promotional meaning that when everyone on it is posting to their websites and taking it on their book signings with them, everyone benefits!

Joyce will be showing it at the huge Branson Veterans' Week in November and on her speaking engagements. I will be positing it on the Authors' Coalition site site, my site and on several of my blogs including the site and my military site,

So see below for the details of this program. Here is the slide show with Joyce Faulkner's explanation of how to use it.
Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Hi everyone,

At long last, here's the 2008 Authors' Coalition Slideshow. Your book or books appear in this slideshow if you are either a sponsor, a catalog participant, or simply a slideshow participant.

The goal of this slideshow is to give the participants as much exposure as possible. To that end, feel free to share it with your audiences, post it to your websites,blogs, My Space, Facebook, etc -- heck, give it away to friends if you want. The more that we use the slideshow, the more exposure everyone gets. As Carolyn says, cross promotion is extremely powerful and allows us to reach audiences that we might not touch otherwise. Understand that this is just one promotion in an arsenal and that it takes time to get name recognition. However, it IS a good tool and one of many ways to get your message out and your book known.


I'm including the slideshow here in a variety of ways --

• I've provided the code for 5 different sizes so that you can embed it on your websites or blogs, My Space, FaceBook, etc. (They are posted below my signature on this email) Your webmaster will know how to add it to your site. If you don't know how to do it, you can contact me and I'll walk you through the process.

• If you want to have it run on a blogger type blog (your url will have the word "" in it) will sign into your blog and go to the Layout tab. Choose Page Elements, Add a page element, Slideshow. Under Title, type in "Authors' Coalition Slideshow 2008". For Source, select "Picasa Web Albums". For Option, choose "Album." For Username, type in For album, choose AC2008SS. Then Save and when you publish your blog, the slideshow will appear and play automatically. (NOTE: This is a pretty small version, so I don't recommend this one.)

• You can also go to Blogger and add a new post...and paste this code in the posting box. To get it, e-mail me at Please put SLIDESHOW REQUEST in the subject line.

• If you just want to view the slides in a Picasa Album, you can see it at this link: At that address, you can invite folks to come see the slideshow if you want to send to your mailing list.

• If you would like to download the PowerPoint Slideshow, you can go to and save it to your hard drive. From there, you can burn to a cd that will play automatically.

• If you'd like to receive the slideshow on a cd so that you can show it at your events, you can either send me a check or I'll invoice you via Paypal for $4.50. (For those of you who have already ordered it, we'll be burning cds tomorrow and it'll be off to you on Thursday.)

Just a note, the Powerpoint slideshow is set to run slowly and has elaborate transitions. Each slide is set to show for 15 seconds. The show will loop once you set it up, it'll go until you stop it. It will not have these fancy transitions in the website versions.

Carolyn will post the new slideshow to the main Authors' Coalition page. I'll be posting it to my websites as well...which includes the Red Engine Press site. Next week (if the moon is right LOL) I'll post a version of it to

Joyce Faulkner
Director, Authors' Coalition


  1. Hello to all at the MWSA!

    Check out the good things that are happening with my story Bullets and Bandages on blogs on Amazon and Myspace

    Best Regards,

    Robert J Saniscalchi

  2. There are plenty of great Branson shows to see as well.

  3. The book looks great, I think I will buy myself a copy/



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