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Monday, March 9, 2009

Contest for Military Writers

A writing and speaking and consulting friend, Pam Kelly, send this to me to pass on to you writing military. Pam is author of Speak with Power! Speak with Passion!


Are you an active or veteran woman in the military?
Share your stories!

Are you a family member--or friend--of a woman in the military?
Daughter, sister, mother, aunt, cousin... Write a TRIBUTE to her.


Heart of a Military Woman

Stories and Tributes to Those Who Serve Their Country

This book honors all those who are currently serving their country,
veterans who have served, and those are considering enlisting.

Inspiration and experiences from deployments, military exercises, basic training, special missions, motherhood, friendship, marriage and relationships, day to day duty and life, promotion, professional military education, temporary duty and any other topics of interest.

We are looking for real stories, from real people, about real life.
What got you INTO the military.
What were your experiences like?
Relationships? Boot camp? Officer school?
What did you learn about OTHERS as a result?
What did you learn about YOURSELF as a result?
How are you different as a result of your service.
Why did you re-enlist? Honorably discharge? Retire?
What advice might you offer to anyone considering enlisting?


DEADLINE: March 31, 2009.
Up to 1,200 words per submission. More than one submission welcome.
Email in a text message or Word.doc file to:
Indicate “Book Submission” in the subject line.

• Your suggested submission title.
• Your name, and position/title/rank/branch to be printed with your contribution.
• Your contact name, email, phone. Website (optional).
• Name of publication, if your submission has been previously published.
• Indicate that you have permission to reprint if your work is previously published.

August, 2009--in celebration of Labor Day, September 7th

Eldonna Lewis-Fernandez is passionate about touching the lives of female veterans. Being a retired veteran with 23 years of honorable service in the United States Air Force, Eldonna is teaching women how to take more RISK in their lives for maximum results. When she enlisted in October 1980, women made up only 8% of the military and today although more than doubled still only 20%. Professionally, Eldonna is a contract specialist in purchasing, negotiation and administration of government contracts. She is the President of Dynamic Vision International, based in Redondo Beach, California.

Sheryl Roush is an inspirational conference speaker, and creator of the Heart Book Series. As a former Navy wife, she recognizes the dedication, unique lifestyle (an understatement) and challenges of military life. She was only the third woman in the world (in 93 countries and out of 4 million people served) to be honored by Toastmasters International with their elite “Accredited Speaker” designation for outstanding platform professional speaking skills. She is the President of Sparkle Presentations, Inc., based in San Diego, California.

Original stories, quotations and poems remain the property and copyright of the contributor.
NO FEE to participate in this publication. NO OBLIGATION to purchase printed books.
NO royalties are given for selections accepted. Books are published through: Sparkle Press.

Heart of a Woman, Heart of a Mother, Heart of the Holidays,
Heart of a Woman in Business, and Corazon de Mujer (Heart of a Woman in Spanish). • • • Borders Bookstores
From your MWSA blogger, Carolyn Howard-Johnson
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