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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Participate in the LA Times Festival of Books Without Being There!

Let Your Book Be Seen in the LA Times/UCLA Festival of Books

Many of the authors I know have been disappointed that we no longer display books unless the author is signing. Truly,there is no ulterior motive. We have just found that a display without the author present to chat up the book and to sign is not the best way for an author to spend his/her promotion dollars. That goes not only for our booth but most booths.

But here's a way you can participate if you'd like. As part of the service to participating authors and to readers who stop by and purchase a book from our booth, we give a free book from a pretty little basket. Yours could be among them. Who knows who might get a free one. An editor? A director? A Screenwriter?

So, if you have returned books or slightly damaged books and can send in lots of six or more, please contact Christine at She'll give you an address to send them. When you send them please mark on the outside of the box GIFT WITH PURCHASE BOOKS. That will help her lots!

Thanks to all authors who have done this in the past, especially to Leora Skolkin, author of EDGES. She sent a huge box last year and I am always proud to suggest it to people who want a literary novel. BTW, her book is now being made into a movie!

PS: Don’t forget to sign your books. Many readers get VERY excited about a signed book. (-:

Left over gift-with-purchase books will be held over for giveaways the following year or donated to libraries of literacy groups.

Learn more about the fair booth at

Carolyn Howard-Johnson
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